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Dietitian Chris Mohr says pizza night is healthyOne of our favorite dietitians, Chris Mohr, wrote an article for Men’s Health Magazine about his family’s Friday night pizza tradition and why having tradition and quality time with your family is much more powerful than worrying about refined carbs and calories. We could not agree more!

“Now, I’m not suggesting that you should eat highly refined, fiber-free carbs regularly,” he writes. “What I am suggesting, however, is that tradition trumps any concerns of this unfairly demonized delight.”

There is a lot of research that shows the important health and overall well-being benefits from eating together as a family, not to mention the community and “tribe” of inviting extended family and friends to join in those traditions.

And, of course, we love adding seafood to our pizza and flatbreads. Fish on pizza, you say?!? Yes! So tasty and all those omega-3s, yum! It’s a really great way to introduce kids to seafood. Anchovies are a traditional favorite, but shrimp goes really well on pesto or white pizza, and canned tuna goes really well with Mediterranean or Greek-style toppings. See below for some recipe ideas. And we’ll leave you with a quote from Chris’s article:

“I’d rather you eat pizza with a friend, than a salad alone.”

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