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​Seafood Nutrition Partnership (SNP) is the leading 501(c)3 non-profit organization in the U.S. building awareness of the health and nutritional benefits of seafood. SNP is addressing the country’s public health crisis through education programs that inspire Americans to incorporate more seafood and omega-3s into their diets for improved health as per leading health organizations. Learn More >

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Farmed and Wild Seafood: Both are needed for our health and future food security

As consumers, most of us struggle to figure out what’s considered “good” to eat these days. There’s a glut of nutrition information circulating online, and even experts have differing viewpoints. What about seafood – should I choose wild-caught or farmed seafood? Linda Cornish, SNP founder and president, weighs in on seafood sourcing.

Princeton Alumni Weekly: Sea Change

Eric Pedersen, Princeton c/o ’82, wants to revolutionize the seafood industry and forge a new way to farm fish out of his one-of-a-kind factory in Waterbury, Connecticut.