As you look for ways to create a culture of health and wellness around the importance of seafood nutrition, please feel free to utilize our resources and programs to support your efforts!

Below are universal resources, however, if you are a health or nutrition professional, working on workplace wellness, or trying to add more seafood in schools, there are additional resources for you. Thank you in advance for utilizing our resources for your outreach.

Which Fish Is the Richest in Omega-3 Chart

Omega-3 chart

Staple Seafood Selection Tips

Staple Seafood Buying Tips

Reel In The Benefits

Reel in the Benefits

Prevention Is Key

10 Tips to Cooking Heart Healthy

10 Tips to Cooking Heart Healthy

Eat a Balanced Meal

Eat a Balanced Meal

Love Your Heart Palm Card

Seafood for Thought

Seafood: All About The Protein

Dietary Guidelines for Seafood

Dietary Guidelines for Seafood

Seafood Is Lifesaving

Seafood is Brain Food

Seafood is Brain Food

Seafood Smarts: A Dive into Benefits for Kids

Seafood Smarts - Benefits for Kids

Seafood & Type 2: A Dive into Diabetes

Diabetes fact sheet

What We Eat in America

Family Nutrition Tips

Family Nutrition Tips One Pager

Twice a Week Game Plan

Twice a Week Game Plan handout

Online Programs

SNP Programs were created for health and nutrition professionals, school educators, workplace wellness coordinators or just someone looking to learn more about seafood nutrition. The online programs reinforce key elements of chronic disease prevention, nutrition, and the importance of seafood for overall health and wellness.

Eating Heart Healthy

Eating Heart Healthy, an interactive cooking and nutrition workshop, is Seafood Nutrition Partnership’s signature program developed in partnership with Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Roxbury Tenants. The program is offered in a 1-session and 4-session format.

Seafood in Schools

The Seafood In Schools Program is divided into five lessons with activities for each to help students put the knowledge gained into practice. The focus is on overall wellness, teaching kids the importance of health and nutrition and how to make healthy decisions for optimal wellness throughout their lives. Each module is made up of ideas for discussion, activities, and hands-on fun. Visit the Seafood In Schools page for resources.

Dietary Guidelines for Americans Presentation

This presentation includes key messages from the 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, highlights the seafood recommendation, and provide ways health and nutrition professionals can help individuals make healthy shifts to their diet. Click here for a PDF of the presentation.