Omega-3s Found in Seafood Reduce Aggression by 30% • Seafood Nutrition Partnership

A study by researchers from the University of Pennsylvania (Penn) found that omega-3 fatty acids reduced aggression, regardless of age or gender. In addition to examining the effect of omega-3s on aggression, the researchers in the current study particularly wanted to ascertain whether omega-3 was effective for all forms of aggression. In psychology, a distinction is made between ‘reactive’ aggression, an in-the-moment response to a perceived threat or provocation, and ‘proactive’ aggression, which requires planning.

In 2001, Dr. Joseph Hibbeln, a senior clinical investigator at the US National Institutes of Health (NIH), published a study finding a correlation between the consumption of high amounts of fish (a rich source of omega-3) and lower homicide rates. Read more here.

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