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Donors and volunteers make the mission and work of Seafood Nutrition Partnership (SNP) possible. We thank you for supporting our work with your time, treasure and talents. We cannot do this critical work without you and together we will continue to increase seafood consumption in the U.S.!

little seafoodies digital campaign

SNP recently completed an eight-week digital pilot campaign in Indianapolis, where seafood dollar sales grew by 2.4% promotional period year-over-year, generating a 300% return on investment. LEARN MORE

outreach & education for point of purchase

SNP recently boosted top retail RDNs’ understanding of sustainable seafood by 86% with new resources on how to buy sustainable seafood. RDNs are the in-store experts consumers turn to for nutritional advice, so as we increase their knowledge, educating them on certifications to look for, species available and the ease of preparation, they in turn directly advocate for increased seafood purchases.

Annual Report


  • 16 POUND per capita seafood consumption, highest in a decade
  • 3.9% increase in seafood dollar sales in 2018 YOY
  • 5 MILLION consumers reached through retail
  • 4,341 registered dietitian nutritionists reached with seafood education
  • 94% positive or neutral media sentiment about seafood
  • 3 BILLION SNP-created positive seafood impressions
  • 640 MILLION total earned media impressions
  • 14 conference presentations

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SNP in the News

Seafood Nutrition Partnership Announces 2019 Honorees

Seafood Nutrition Partnership Announces 2019 Honorees

The Seafood Nutrition Partnership Honors program recognizes people and organizations who have demonstrated exceptional communications outreach and mission impact on increasing awareness about the essential nutritional benefits of eating seafood.

Why SNP’s Efforts Have Focused on Stroke Belt Cities

Why SNP’s Efforts Have Focused on Stroke Belt Cities

Research found the mean Omega-3 Index levels in the "Stroke/Heart Attack Belt” were 4.4% - relatively low compared with the desired 8%–12% "cardioprotective target," the range shown to be beneficial to help prevent cardiovascular disease. Low Omega-3 Index levels in this region correlates with a higher risk for disease


Seafood Nutrition Partnership Honors
September 16th, 6 PM

Seafood Nutrition Partnership is delighted to host the Inaugural Seafood Nutrition Partnership Honors Gala. This annual event honors recipients who have demonstrated exceptional outreach and impact on increasing US seafood consumption.

3rd Annual State of the Science Symposium
September 17th, 8:30 AM

Join over 100 experts in the science and technology of seafood, including human nutrition and environmental sustainability, as they come together for educational presentations that merge technical analysis and accessible information for non-specialists. Early bird ticket price ends July 31!