SNP Honors 2022

Seafood Nutrition Partnership is delighted to host the 2022 SNP Honors Awards. This awards program honors recipients who have demonstrated exceptional outreach and impact on improving public health through seafood nutrition.

This year’s awards program will be held on Wednesday, 7:00-10:00 pm, September 21, 2022, at InterContinental Wharf, Washington D.C. Announcement of Honorees will be made in early August.

SNP Honorees

Dr. Joseph R. Hibbeln, renowned omega-3 scientist and researcher, will be awarded the inaugural SNP Seafood Science Excellence for Human Health Award, which honors a leader in seafood science in the area of human health and nutrition who has demonstrated extraordinary impact and approach to improving public health through seafood nutrition. This nominee has dedicated significant time to research, education, and outreach to further the knowledge and awareness of the essential health benefits that come from seafood consumption.

Joe is receiving this honor for his work in leading the systematic review on the “Relationships between seafood consumption during pregnancy and childhood and neurocognitive development” as published in PLEFA in October 2019 https://www.plefa.com/article/S0952-3278(19)30192-9/fulltext. Joe led the science council as well as other expert scientists around the world in this effort over a 12-month period to produce this seminal study. In addition, he has dedicated significant time to strengthening the body of seafood nutrition science through his lifelong research in seafood nutrition, omega-3s, and brain health.   

Mr. Joseph Bundrant, CEO of Trident Seafoods, will be awarded the SNP Seafood Industry Visionary Award, which honors a leader within the seafood sector demonstrating impactful support for SNP and its mission. This nominee rallies and encourages the industry to collaborate and focus on the public health benefits of SNP’s mission of increasing seafood consumption for the health of all Americans. As a result of this nominee’s significant efforts, a broad segment of the industry has increased its support for building awareness for seafood nutrition.

Joe is receiving this honor for championing SNP and serving as a founding investor in SNP almost 10 years ago. Joe is personally passionate about the public health benefits of seafood nutrition and envisioned an organization that would provide evidence-based messaging to empower Americans to eat more seafood for better health. He has encouraged his family, team, and network to collaborate with and support the work of the Seafood Nutrition Partnership in their respective capacities. Joe’s contributions of his time, talent, and resources have made a lasting impact on SNP’s mission and many lives have been improved through seafood nutrition.

Chef Kelly Armetta

Mr. Kelly Armetta, Executive Chef at the Hyatt Regency Boston, will be awarded the SNP Seafood Nutrition Champion Award, which honors a leader within the food, health, nutrition, and communications space that has been exceptional at translating seafood nutrition science that motivates consumer behavior change to increase seafood consumption. This person dedicates significant time and utilizes their unique platform to serve as an advocate and communicator for the good of the community. 

Kelly is receiving this honor for his work in SNP’s Eating Heart Healthy program and continued support for SNP. Here is the program overview and the recipes developed by Kelly and recorded in fun and approachable cooking videos. Kelly took on the challenge of creating seafood recipes that followed the theme of FISH: Fast, Inexpensive, Sustainable, Healthy. Ultimately he created a series of recipes that averaged $10 to feed a family of four. He personally demonstrated these recipes to several Eating Heart Healthy cohorts and many of the graduates still use his recipe to this day.     

Live Entertainment from Johnny NICHOLAS & Katie Shore

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