Strong seafood science is our foundation.

SNP’s Scientific Nutrition Advisory Council is composed of the world’s leading researchers united passionately around seafood as critical for the health of all Americans. Follow along all summer as they share their knowledge, all leading up to the 6th annual State of the Science Symposium on September 22.

Seafood helps support your family’s health. Pregnant women who eat seafood at least twice a week have babies with higher IQs with an average gain of about 7.7 IQ points. Kids who eat seafood feel calmer and have a better ability to focus, which helps them do better in school. Seafood has even been proven to reduce stress and anxiety and also promotes improved sleep! In these uncertain times, it is good to know that seafood has immune-boosting health properties including vitamin D, zinc, and selenium.

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SNP President Linda Cornish is the special guest on the CONCH Podcast

Did you know that seafood is chock-full of nutrients that are critical to brain, heart, and overall health? While seafood is one of the most researched food sources in terms of nutritional benefits, much of this information wasn’t communicated to consumers—until Seafood Nutrition Partnership came along. In the latest episode of The Conch podcast, we learn how one woman has made it her mission to make sure Americans eat seafood twice a week to support their health, the health of the seafood industry, and the health of fishers and coastal communities around the world.

Julie welcomes Linda Cornish, President of the Seafood Nutrition Partnership, a non-profit organization inspiring a healthier America through a balanced diet that includes seafood.

June 23 -July 3

Conversations about sustainability and global food systems at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival on the National Mall

July 7, 1pm ET

Instagram Live: SNP’s Jessica Miller talking all things oysters with Julie Qiu, SNP Ambassador, International Oyster Expert and founder of In A Half Shell.

Love oysters, but don’t know much about them? You’ve come to the right place to learn! Join Julie and Jessica as they chat all about oysters.

July 12, 12:30pm ET

Instagram Live: SNP’s Jessica Miller talking about delicious & nutritious ways to minimize food waste with registered dietitian Rosanne Rust, of @chewthefacts

Join in on a conversation with the author of Zero Waste Cooking for Dummies, talking about tips to minimize food waste, utilize your pantry and delicious, nutritious budget-friendly seafood options.

July 20 

Ask the Expert: Sleep with dietitian Karman Meyer

The author of “Eat to Sleep: What to Eat and When to Eat It for a Good Night’s Sleep―Every Night” will help answer consumers’ questions on best practices for getting a good night’s sleep (hint: seafood helps a lot!)

In case you missed it live:

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Learn about the large body of scientific evidence and seafood research that support eating seafood at least twice a week.

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