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Seafood in Schools

Tasty Resources to Get Seafood in Schools

Research shows that seafood’s nutrition benefits students of all ages. Here are some helpful resources to make it easier for schools to serve more seafood.

School Lunch Go Fish!      5 Simple Steps to Successfully Serving Seafood in Schools Handout

DID YOU KNOW: kids who eat fish at least once per week may do better in school?

This activity book is filled with games, fun facts and recipes to encourage kids to eat more seafood.

Be a Little Seafoodie Kids Activity Booklet

When kids eat at least two servings of fish, such as canned tuna, each week, the benefits are big!

Seafood: Fuel for Successful Learning

What should be on my plate? Learn about preparing a healthy plate using simple MyPlate tips.

This Healthy Plate at Home booklet offers an easy checklist to keep the whole family eating healthy.

This tip sheet offers simple nutrition tips to keep the whole family healthy and thriving.

Family Nutrition Tips One Pager

Download and print this fun poster as a reminder to eat seafood twice a week for good health.

Reel in the Health Benefits of Seafood

SNP Programs

Are you looking for fun, educational materials to use in your classroom to educate students about health and nutrition? Seafood Nutrition Partnership is here to help you bring nutrition education to your classroom.

Our Seafood in Schools supplemental curriculum is five fun, interactive lessons for students in Grades 3-8. The lessons were created to help teachers incorporate health and nutrition education into Math, Science, and Language Arts.