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Workplace Wellness

Individuals spend most of their day at the workplace – that is why it is important to create a culture of health for your employees.

Promoting Health at Work

The CDC reports that 86% of all U.S. healthcare spending is for individuals with preventable chronic conditions. Seven out of 10 Americans suffer and die prematurely from chronic diseases, which can be prevented with diet and lifestyle modifications.

Studies have shown that higher seafood and omega-3 intake can reduce both chronic disease risks and financial costs.

By educating the American workforce on how to eat to prevent and best manage chronic disease, SNP is working to drive down healthcare costs and provide companies with healthier employees.

Seafood and omega-3s are shown to reduce anxiety, headaches, and sore muscles; help reduce job absenteeism by boosting immunity and preventing colds; and supports heart health.

Eating seafood is a sustainable solution to reducing healthcare costs.


If you are looking for a fun and engaging workplace wellness program, you’re in the right place! Our programs help you promote health and nutrition within your organization.



This presentation includes key messages from the 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, highlights the seafood recommendation, and provide ways health and nutrition professionals can help individuals make healthy shifts to their diet. Click to download the presentation PDF.