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Every year, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics emphasizes the importance of making healthy and informed decisions when it comes to food in order to develop sustainable eating habits. National Nutrition Month takes place every March and this year the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics celebrates a World of Flavors. This is the perfect time to embrace global cultures, cuisines, and inclusivity. The ACEND has provided a toolkit for more information on this year’s National Nutrition Month.

Food is a great way to bring people together because most events and gatherings are centered around a delicious meal. Food provides a way to connect to those around us and provides an experience of the flavors and stories of cultures that may be different from your own. 

When learning about culture through food, think about why people make it and what makes it special. Whether that means the dish itself is utilized for special ceremonies or holidays, or maybe the importance lies in the time you’re using to make the dish with someone you love. We are unique in the emotional connection we have with food. The memories that certain dishes bring can be shared for generations to come.

We often think that to experience other cultures, we must travel around the world, but we have the ability to appreciate other cultures from the comfort of our home. Using spices, ingredients, and techniques of other cultures in the food you make at home can provide endless opportunities to experience different cultures.

Here at Seafood Nutrition Partnership, we like to create recipes that incorporate cultures while also utilizing the endless benefits that are provided by seafood. It is a simple addition to traditional cultural foods that create nutrient-dense meals.

Explore these cultures and many more through our recipe section! We love to add seafood to our dishes, and we encourage you to do the same! It is a simple addition with benefits for your heart, brain, immune system, and more! When making another cultural dish, look into the ways they prepare their food, who they cook with, and what significance it holds in their culture. Invite your friends and family over and appreciate the culture, cuisine, and inclusivity that meals can bring.

For this year’s theme of global flavors, we have put together a recipe round-up of our favorite seafood dishes that include delicious flavors from all over the world. Check out our full array of recipes anytime and don’t forget to Eat Seafood, America! 





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