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Eat Seafood America

Eat Seafood, America
to live healthier & help your immune system.

Seafood can lift you up: helping reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep and improve overall wellness — all things we need right now!

Eat Seafood, America
to make meals simpler.

Life right now is complicated. Meals can be simple with seafood. Need something quick and easy for meal time? Most seafood cooks in 15 minutes or less.

Alaska fisherman
Image courtesy Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute

Eat Seafood, America
to support working waterfront communities.

Fishermen and seafood farmers work hard to provide us with sustainable, delicious food. Let’s show support and #EatSeafoodAmerica!

Eat Seafood, America
to support local businesses through these unprecedented times.

Purchase seafood online or from your retailer to cook at home, or order from your favorite restaurants for delivery or pick-up.

Many fishermen and distributors have shifted to online deliveries to help get healthy seafood to Americans. Help support these local businesses.

Lobster dinner

What You Can Do to Help

Join the #EatSeafoodAmerica Movement

Sample Social Posts

  • #EatSeafoodAmerica to make your life healthier, to make meals simpler, and to support working waterfront communities. Learn more
  • How can we support fishermen & seafood farmers so their businesses can thrive (and adapt) during these extremely difficult times? #EatSeafoodAmerica! It’s that simple.
  • Get healthy for a great cause. Join me in eating seafood and buying seafood to help save our seafood economy! #EatSeafoodAmerica.
  • Need something quick and easy for #dinner? Most seafood cooks in 15 minutes or less. For inspiration, visit: #EatSeafoodAmerica
  • Seafood helps support your immune health. Good nutrition is essential to support a strong immune system, and seafood is nutrient-packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory vitamins, minerals such as selenium, iron and zinc, and omega-3s. #EatSeafoodAmerica
Eat Seafood America because it is simple and delicious
Eat Seafood America! to help boost your immune health
Eat Seafood America! to help fishermen
Seafood Farmers Need Your Help: Eat Seafood America!

The Seafood4Health Action Coalition

The Eat Seafood, America! campaign is a collaborative effort of the members of the Seafood4Health Action Coalition.

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