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Perfect Picnic

Want to include seafood into your family picnic but not sure how? We’ve got 3 simple tips to help ensure fresh and delicious seafood in your cooler this summer! 

Picnic Tips

  1. Don’t forget the ice! 
    • Keep your pre-made dishes cool with lots of ice in an insulated cooler. This will ensure freshness for those long days in the sun. 
  2. Try salads and spreads 
    • Seafood salads and spreads are delicious served cold and can be mixed and matched with different fixings to create the perfect picnic lunch. Whether you’re spreading your seafood on bread or dipping veggies into it, we think that these both make perfect additions to your outdoor adventures. Try our recipes below for inspiration or grab some canned seafood for a budget and time-friendly option. 
  3. Seacuterie is ready to be served  
    • Seacuterie is the seafood version of a charcuterie board. Seafood pairs deliciously with plenty of other items you might have hanging around in your picnic basket and can be nutritious.


Trying new things while exploring the outdoors with your family should be inspired by seafood! The health benefits are reason enough alone, but if you need more convincing, try one of our delicious recipes to see for yourself! Don’t forget to enjoy and #EatSeafoodAmerica.

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