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Walton Family Foundation Provides Funding to Support the Eat Seafood America! Campaign

The Walton Family Foundation has provided funding to the Seafood Nutrition Partnership (SNP) to support the Eat Seafood America! campaign to help the fishing communities and seafood businesses that have championed sustainable seafood over the past two decades. As COVID-19 has disrupted the seafood supply chain in unprecedented ways, the Walton Family Foundation recognized immediately...


Seafood Nutrition Partnership Increases Seafood Consumption with Moms, Kids

The benefits of seafood for kids are big! Fish and shellfish supply the nutrients, vitamins and omega-3s essential for strong bones, brain development, and healthy heart and immune system. So how do moms get their kids to eat more of this delicious, nutritious food? Seafood Nutrition Partnership (SNP) talked to hundreds of moms and asked top nutrition experts,...