Seafood Nutrition Partnership Launches a Summer of Science Series

Events, Webinars and Social Engagement Aim to Educate & Inspire Consumers
Throughout the Summer on the Public Health Benefits of Seafood,
Leading Up to Annual State of the Science Symposium in September

Seafood Nutrition Partnership (SNP) is excited to launch a Summer of Science series to educate and inspire everyone around the consensus recommendations on the health benefits of delicious, nutritious seafood. Strong evidence-based seafood nutrition science is the foundation of SNP’s outreach and for four months, leading up to the 6th annual State of the Science Symposium on September 22, a series of events, webinars and social engagements across platforms will share this educational information with a broad audience. Follow along all summer, beginning June 1, at #seafood2xwk and #seafoodscience.

Seafood is a complete protein food that is a unique package of nutrients other foods do not provide.  Fish and shellfish are a nutritional powerhouse, rich in omega-3s, vitamins, and minerals. The omega-3 fatty acids EPA + DHA found in seafood support brain health, heart health, and overall wellness.

SNP’s Scientific Nutrition Advisory Council (SNAC) is composed of the world’s leading researchers united passionately around seafood as critical for the health of all Americans. Their decades of research support health claims endorsed by the American Heart Association, World Health Organization, and Dietary Guidelines for Americans. These prominent organizations recommend eating seafood at least twice a week.

“I invite you to discover the science behind the power of seafood — why it is so vital to our health and the health of the planet. This Summer of Science series and the State of the Science Symposium offer conversations with leading subject-matter experts and researchers to highlight the crucial role seafood plays in our well-being. We expect to highlight important topics such as vital nutrients for baby brain development, mental health resiliency, and healthy aging,” said Dr. Tom Brenna, Chair of SNP’s Scientific Nutrition Advisory Council and Professor at the Dell Medical School at the University of Texas at Austin.

Seafood helps support your family’s health. Pregnant women who eat seafood at least twice a week have babies with higher IQs with an average gain of about 7.7 IQ points. Kids who eat seafood feel calmer and have a better ability to focus, helping them do better in school. Seafood reduces stress and anxiety and promotes improved sleep. And, in these times, it is good to know that seafood has immune-boosting health properties including vitamin D, zinc, and selenium.

Please visit the Summer of Science landing page with more information, updated events and research brief shares throughout the summer. Initial launch events for June have been added:

  • June 1, 12:30pm ET: Kickoff on Instagram Live @Seafood4Health – A Conversation with Dr. Tom Brenna
  • June 2-3: Launch of an Ask the Expert series on Instagram Stories @Seafood4Health with SNP Dietitian Jessica Miller 
  • June 14: SNP President Linda Cornish is the special guest on the CONCH Podcast
  • June 15, 5:30pm ET: Instagram Live @Seafood4Health, SNP Dietitian Jessica Miller in conversation and in the kitchen with Laura Ali, RDN about her latest book, Mind Diet for Two, diving into how the foods we eat impact brain health
  • June 22-July 3: Conversations about sustainability and global food systems at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival on the National Mall

For examples of these types of events, SNP hosted two conversations in May, one on mental health and the impact on fishermen with Maine Coast Fishermen’s Association’s Monique Coombs and one on women’s health and menopause with dietitian Liz Ward, co-author of The Menopause Diet Plan.

Seafood Nutrition Partnership is a charitable non-profit that is inspiring Americans to be healthier through eating more seafood per U.S. Dietary Guidelines. SNP’s website provides a variety of scientific resources, recipes, coupons, and more to help you feel great by adding superfoods from the sea into your meals. 

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