5 Campfire Seafood Recipes • Eat Seafood America

Enjoy the great outdoors with seafood this camping season. These recipes are perfect to cook over your campfire and enjoy while it’s hot! Whether you try these recipes as they are or feel inspired to create your own, don’t forget to eat seafood twice a week and tag us: #EatSeafoodAmerica.


1. Campfire Paella

Paella is a delicious and flavorful dish that originates from Spain. This particular paella contains shellfish and fish as well as rice, veggies, and lots of spices! Recipe by Fresh Off the Grid.

2. Cajun Blackened Shrimp Tacos

Tacos are a fun and easy addition to any camping trip and shrimp cook in a flash! Try these (slightly spicy) cajun blackened shrimp tacos the next time you go on an adventure. Recipe by Fresh Off the Grid.

3. Steamed Clams

Manilla clams are the perfect addition to your next camping trip, they cook quickly and don’t need a whole lot to make them tasty. For health reasons, we recommend using a broth or water to steam these bad boys instead of beer. Enjoy! Recipe by Fox & Briar.

4. Salsa Verde Baked Salmon

Foil packets are the perfect way to cook seafood over the campfire. Quick and easy clean-up and a delicious meal? Count us in! Recipe by Whole Food Bellies.



5. Halibut Foil Packet

Try halibut for a new flavor profile, complete with veggies, citrus, and spices to make a fun campfire meal. Recipe by Everyday Dishes.



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