Kid's Tuna Panini Sandwich • Seafood Nutrition Partnership


1, 2.6 oz. pouch StarKist Tuna Creations® Bacon Ranch
1 Flatbread (like Flatout® Fold-it or Pepperidge Farms Deli Flats)
1 slice American or Cheddar cheese
4 – 5 slices roasted peppers or sliced tomatoes or pickle slices
cooking spray
Recipe from StarKist


1.Spray grill pan or non-stick frying pan with cooking spray.
2.Place flat bread on a plate and spread with tuna. Top with peppers or other vegetables and a slice of cheese.
3.Place flat bread cheese side down on griddle or frying pan and cook until brown on one side. Flip and cook on other side. Cheese should melt to hold sandwich together.

Have some fun by using a fish-shaped flatbread or make your own Panini Sandwich from StarKist.  Let your kids decorate the outside and watch them eat this up!

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