Cod Reuben Sandwich Recipe • Seafood Nutrition Partnership


3 cups cabbage slaw mix
½ cup Thousand Island dressing
4, frozen cod fillets
8 slices rye bread, butter for bread
8 slices Swiss cheese
Need a healthier version of a fan favorite? We've got you covered.


1.In a medium bowl, combine the slaw mix and 1/3 cup Thousand Island dressing.
2.Cook Cod Fillets in the air fryer or oven according to package directions.
3.Butter one side of bread lightly. Place the bread in a heated skillet to toast. Place cheese on top to melt. Remove bread and top with the fish, slaw,and remaining bread slices, toasted side up. Serve with veggies or chips and enjoy!

Who doesn’t love a good sandwich for lunch? Why not try to spice things up a little by adding seafood to a classic meal. This Reuben is made with delicious cod but can be subbed with any white fish. This recipe uses breaded cod which means it’s even easier to heat then eat! Want to try this cod Reuben recipe? Check out the simple instructions below! (Don’t forget the pickle!)


Enjoy this recipe for a cod Reuben and don’t forget to Eat Seafood America!

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