Seafood Nutrition Partnership Launches New ‘Fall in Love with Seafood’ National Seafood Promotion Campaign • Seafood Nutrition Partnership

The Seafood Nutrition Partnership is excited to unveil its new public health promotion campaign to help Americans live healthier, happier, and smarter by increasing their consumption of seafood. The ‘Fall in Love with Seafood’ campaign launches in October during National Seafood Month and continues throughout 2024 reminding consumers how delicious, nutritious, and versatile seafood is to enjoy at home and away from home. 

Less than a quarter of Americans eat seafood 2x per week as recommended by the Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA), The American Heart Association (AHA), and the World Health Organization (WHO). 

Throughout this campaign, we’ll educate consumers that seafood is a lean protein with health benefits they can enjoy and count on every day,” says Linda Cornish, Seafood Nutrition Partnership President and Founder. 

For more than a decade, SNP and its partners have inspired a healthier America and raised awareness about the essential nutritional benefits of seafood. This campaign will serve as a platform to show that an overarching message can help all points along the seafood supply chain and complement SNP partners’ campaigns. 

The ‘Fall in Love with Seafood’ campaign, developed with award-winning agency Milestone Integrated Marketing, aims to break through the social and digital media clutter to showcase the taste appeal of a wide variety of seafood with bold, mouthwatering imagery and cheeky headlines. 

“Ultimately, we want to increase consumers’ craving for seafood and encourage America to Fall in Love with Seafood,” adds Sarah Crowley, SNP VP of Marketing and Communications. “The new campaign resonates with the primary target – 85% of occasional seafood consumers surveyed agreed the campaign made them want to eat more seafood.”

The campaign soft launches in October 2023 during National Seafood Month and will continue year-round with key market activations starting in January 2024. Key retailers and food service partners will be announced ahead of the new year. 

“Running the pilot campaign right after the new year is ideal timing as so many Americans are setting New Year’s resolutions to eat healthy and seafood is a key part of a healthy diet,” says Paul Doremus, SNP Board Chair and Trident Seafoods’ VP for Sustainability Strategy and Policy. 

This national seafood promotion campaign is being introduced at an important time as seafood sales and consumption have declined since the growth seen during the pandemic. The ‘Fall in Love with Seafood’ campaign will empower the seafood industry to demonstrate a collaborative, strategic effort to increase seafood sales across the board and improve the health of Americans. 

The ‘Fall in Love with Seafood’ promotion campaign will be supported by digital and social media, influencer marketing, trade marketing, public relations outreach, and new recipes and blogs on the SNP website. It will also be activated by SNP supporters and partners via a campaign toolkit which includes social graphics, videos, recipes, and in-store signage. Campaign Toolkit: Fall in Love with Seafood Toolkit 

About Seafood Nutrition Partnership 

Seafood Nutrition Partnership (SNP) is the leading 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in the U.S. that builds awareness of the health and nutritional benefits of seafood. SNP addresses the country’s public health crisis through education programs that inspire Americans to incorporate more seafood and omega-3s into their diets for improved health per the USDA Dietary Guidelines. For more information or to support SNP, visit

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