Celebrate Seafood and Enjoy Delicious, Nutritious Seafood

Seafood Nutrition Partnership, the National Seafood Council Task Force and the Seafood4Health Action Coalition are excited to launch a pilot campaign, Celebrate Seafood, for October National Seafood Month. A broad segment of the seafood industry is encouraging more Americans to eat – and celebrate – the delicious, healthy bounty of seafood.

Celebrate Seafood is both a rallying cry to the industry as well as an example of an umbrella tagline that can be customized by companies and organizations to fit their marketing needs for October National Seafood Month. After more consumers purchased seafood at retail throughout 2020 and 2021, now is the time to reinforce consumers’ newfound love for seafood and its health benefits. This is a great opportunity for the seafood community to demonstrate we can work together around a common message that seafood is good for public health and our planet’s health.

SNP has created resources for everyone to easily share the messages and benefits of seafood with their audiences. Here are links to the Celebrate Seafood Toolkit and Logos/Graphics.


Consumer Engagement

Throughout October, there will be fun ways to earn amazing prizes – from free seafood to a one-on-one cooking class with The Godfather of Sustainability, celebrity chef Rick Moonen. We’re encouraging consumers to participate and use #celebrateseafood, compete in recipe and photo contests, and overall have fun celebrating all that seafood has to offer. The exciting prizes and engagement opportunities are made possible by Forever Oceans, Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers and Gorton’s Seafood. Many additional partners are supporting social media efforts throughout the month, including Bluehouse Salmon and Secret Island.

SNP is also encouraging all seafood lovers to share their love of seafood! Host a party, a tailgate, a little cooking class or any celebration of seafood to share seafood with friends, family, neighbors and colleagues. We’d love to see a nationwide seafood party in October! Here are some great ideas to inspire amazing seafood parties.


Throughout October, H-E-B is running a cross-platform in-store and digital program across all of Texas that brings together SNP’s message along with a sampling of their products that support both Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute and Best Aquaculture Practices.

At Weis Markets, the Seafood Department is front and center all month with support from their dietitian team to showcase Celebrate Seafood. Here is an example of how Weis is utilizing the Celebrate Seafood messaging and imagery during October National Seafood Month in their magazine. They will then be using it on signage in store, in the circular, on social, in the media, with their RDs and more.

Additionally, a third-party digital advertising program will drive frozen seafood sales at Whole Foods Market and Wegmans, testing sustainability-focused messaging that ties human health with planetary health.

These efforts at retail will all bring more seafood to consumers to encourage them to enjoy and celebrate the benefits. SNP is working with each retail outlet on measurement to evaluate the impact of positive consumer messaging and understand what works best to motivate more seafood consumption.

This pilot campaign is made possible through grants from Builders Initiative, H-E-B, Rich Family Foundation and Walton Family Foundation.

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