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Our work would not be possible without the generous support from our donors.

Please contact Linda Cornish to contribute to the mission of Seafood Nutrition Partnership.
We can also accept stock and bitcoin donations. We look forward to hearing from you!

Founders Level

NOAA Fisheries
Walton Family Foundation

Champion Level

Bluehouse Salmon

Ms. Sonja Connor

Global Aquaculture Alliance
Neptune Foods
Trident Seafoods

Advocate Level

Australis Barramundi
Blue Circle Foods
GSI Salmon
Ivy City Smokehouse powered by ProFish

Supporter Level

Beacon Fisheries logo

Mr. Judson Reis

Pacific Seafood Processors Association

Contributor Level

  • Amazon
  • Canadian Highly Migratory Species Foundation
  • FultonFishMarket.com
  • Makushin Bay Resources
  • Nuts Over Fish
  • Ms. Adams
  • Dr. Agbaga
  • Ms. Agyeman
  • Ms. Albersheim
  • Ms. Anderson
  • Mr. Boevers
  • Ms. Bonci
  • Dr. Brenna
  • Dr. Carlson
  • Ms. Cornish
  • Dr. Doremus
  • Mr. Enlow
  • Ms. Feller
  • Ms. Foley
  • Ms. Garvey
  • Ms. Granger
  • Dr. Hart
  • Ms. Jones
  • Mr. Kilgore
  • Dr. Kris-Etherton
  • Mr. Laukitis
  • Mr. Lesser
  • Ms. Lomonico
  • Mr. Motos
  • Mr. Ng
  • Ms. Pearson
  • Ms. Revenga
  • Ms. Robinson
  • Dr. Rodriguez
  • Ms. Ruhs
  • Ms. Schultz
  • Ms. Schwartzman (In memory of Ethel Newman)
  • Mr. Scribner
  • Ms. Shambach
  • Ms. Smith
  • Ms. Suzie
  • Mr. Tjong
  • Mr. Veerhusen
  • Ms. Walton

Phase 1 Donors

To view our donors from phase 1, please click here.