Washington Post: School kids should eat more fish, federal agency say

The U.S. Government Accountability Office is urging the U.S. Department of Agriculture to increase fish in school lunches. USDA agreed with the recommendation, saying by email that the Biden administration is “committed to ensuring nutrition security for all kids” and the department encourages school officials “to offer seafood to students as a healthy protein option recommended by the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.”

Linda Cornish, founder and president of SNP, said it is the diet of school-age children that needs attention now.

“We as a nation should be shocked and alarmed by the huge disparity between our nation’s nutrition guidelines and policies and how it is actually implemented in our national school nutrition programs,” she said by email. “What we eat matters for our health and the health of our students. All school food service decision-makers and providers should read this report carefully and with urgency.”

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