Greetings from Our New Chairman of the Board , Steve Hart

SNP Chairman Steve HartWith 2019 upon us, I am honored to become the Chairman of the Seafood Nutrition Partnership Board of Directors. I look forward to doing my part to help SNP carry out its mission of inspiring a smarter and healthier America. Most importantly, it’s a mission that I’m passionate about. In my current work with the Global Aquaculture Alliance and my past work with the Soy Aquaculture Alliance and the Indiana Soybean Alliance, I bring a wealth of aquaculture nutrition expertise that will help lead SNP to the next level. Together with SNP, we will work to deliver messages to all of our stakeholders about sustainable seafood for human and environmental health, and why farmed and wild seafood are both excellent choices for all Americans as they become healthier.

2019 will also bring some exciting new programs for SNP and the importance of seafood and omega-3s for young children, including a new pilot project in my hometown of Indianapolis. We are planning a highly targeted digital campaign to test this messaging aimed at new moms and young families in Indianapolis (as a pilot city, but hopefully expanding). There is a number of ways we could use support, from local connections at retail or healthcare to content creation and distribution to research and measurement. If you would like to be part of the campaign or have any questions, please reach out to our Director of Communications, Andrea Albersheim.

Looking forward to a successful, healthy, and happy New Year filled with lots of sustainable seafood!

In Good Health,

Steve Hart

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