4 Easy Seafood Cooking Tips for Busy Families • Seafood Nutrition

Simplify your mealtimes and spend more time enjoying dinner together with these four easy cooking tips for busy families.

1. Cook it from frozen

The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute offers whole series of tasty recipes called Cook It Frozen!®. Most frozen seafood can be prepared in as little as 15 minutes. You can also stock up on frozen seafood when it’s on sale.

2. Stock up on canned seafood

When you’re at the grocery store, grab canned, tin or pouch seafood (especially when on sale). Canned seafood often offers a more reasonably priced alternative and can be tossed into salads or pastas for an easy meal.

3. Cook it once, eat it twice

Try doubling recipes to get ahead on cooking and have a dinner or lunch ready for later in the week. Recipes that freeze well, such as stews and casseroles, are great to double. Also, consider cooking an extra piece of fish to use on a salad or in a sandwich the next day.

4. Grab-and-go options

The easiest cooking tip of all is to grab pre-prepped seafood from your local grocery store to just bring home and heat!

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