Seasonality of Seafood: What's Coming Into Season This Summer?

Did you know seafood has seasons? Many people associate seasonal eating with foods such as fruits and vegetables, but most don’t realize it applies to seafood as well. Seafood populations can migrate in and out of local fishing grounds, therefore affecting population numbers. This is why availability and prices for wild, fresh seafood vary greatly throughout the year.

​Seasonal eating is eating food when it is at its peak, or eating foods at the same time they are being harvested or grown. One of the major benefits of seasonal eating is that you will save money. Due to an increase in supply, the cost of production and distribution decreases. Another major benefit is that the quality of the food you consume improves.

In an effort to eat healthy and save money, let’s incorporate in-season seafood and produce into our diets each season. Also keeping in mind that farm-raised seafood provides a constant supply, so seafood such as trout, catfish, tilapia, Atlantic salmon, clams, and mussels are at their peak year round. Also, several species of wild fish are frozen at sea, so buying seafood in the freezer aisle also ensures a fresh catch year round. Either way, this is more excitement to fill your plates with seafood this season.

So, What’s Coming Into Season?

When you think spring into summer foods, there are two schools of thought: light, refreshing dishes such as salads or other entrees with fresh produce, or sturdier proteins that hold up to the high heat of the grates. The seafood that’s in season actually pair well with both of these options. Flaky white fish such as halibut, mahi mahi and grouper – and even scallops – make fantastic light dinners either roasted or pan sautéed. While salmon, swordfish and tuna all do really well on the grill.

Below, we have compiled a chart of seafood available all Summer long for all your summer seafood dishes!




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