Real Moms Share: Stephanie Hart • Seafood Nutrition Partnership

Indianapolis mom of two Stephanie Hart shares how she eased seafood into family favorites to now has Little Seafoodies:

“I think a lot of mom’s consider seafood a luxury item that you only eat on special occasions, maybe on date night without the kids, but it doesn’t have to be. I have always found the easiest way to get my two kids to eat seafood is just to include it as part of our regular meals. Our kids love tacos and spaghetti…whose kids don’t love those? So sometimes I just substitute beef with shrimp or fish in my tacos and spaghetti sauce. I find that if you introduce seafood with familiar flavors your kids already love, they’ll eat it with few or no questions. Once they get used to it, then they’re willing to expand and try new things. Now my kids eat oysters and sushi!”

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