Real Moms Share: Jennifer McGuire • Seafood Nutrition Partnership

Jennifer McGuire shares her best mom advice on how she gets her three boys to eat seafood – and how not to stress about it!

“My sons are six, four, and two years old and they all have different food likes and dislikes, but fish is definitely the most crowd-pleasing protein.  I think it’s because the texture of fish has been easy for my kids to eat since they were babies. Plus, my boys all love wildlife and pretending they’re eagles and bears eating freshly-caught fish!  That being said, there are some days when the tuna quesadilla in their lunchbox or the honey-soy salmon on the dinner table goes untouched. My tip is to forge ahead and keep serving fish. I try not to worry about exactly how much fish my kids choose to eat each time it’s offered.  What matters most to me is that they come to see fish as a familiar part of our family meals.”

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