Real Moms Share: Lauren Manaker • Seafood Nutrition Partnership

Lauren Manaker of Nutrition Now Counseling and mom stopped by to share how she got her daughter to be a Little Seafoodie.

Offer a dip (or three!). A variety of dips allows your child to express his or her creativity. It also allows for some control by letting your little nugget decide which kind and how much of the dip goes on the food. Lastly, dipping food is fun!

A simple dish that involves all of these suggestions is a sautéed shrimp with three dipping sauces. Yes, three! I promise, each sauce takes practically no time to make (note: it may take a little longer if you have a little sous chef “helping” you out). Follow these recipes for a super-simple kid-friendly shrimp dish that your little ones will be sure to enjoy.


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