Real Moms Share: Dana White • Seafood Nutrition Partnership

Busy mother of three girls and registered dietitian Dana White shares how she gets her kids involved and excited about seafood, plus some family-favorite recipes:

Dana White and her three daughters cooking and eating seafoodI love taking my kids to the seafood counter and let them pick out something to try. When they get to explore the food options, they are much more likely to try them. After doing this a few times we have created a few really fun recipes that they love to help make and get excited about eating. My kids love California Rolls from our local Japanese restaurant so we picked up some surimi and made California Rolls Rice Bowls. We also love to experiment with clams and shrimp – White Clam Pizza is an all-time fave of my 4 year old and all three of my kids cheer for Bang Bang Shrimp.

For more of her tips, check out this blog post, 5 Weeknight Dinner Hacks Featuring Seafood.

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