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Grilled Salmon with Asparagus and Salad

Scott Nichols of Food’s Future LLC stopped by to answer some of your toughest seafood questions.

Which fish is most abundant in omega-3s?

If there were a single champion of champions, it would be red or black caviar. Nothing else comes close.

But it doesn’t have to be the champion to be great. I divided my choices into two groups—those with strong flavors and those with mild flavors. In the strong category are: mackerel, anchovy, sardine, shad and oysters (Pacific oysters have higher omega-3s than Atlantic oysters but both are great sources). In the mild category are: salmon (all are good) halibut, sablefish (which also goes by black cod), pompano, trout and striped bass.

Curious about other types of seafood? Check out this chart.

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