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New Year, new seafood trends, new reasons to eat #Seafood2xWk. From breakfast and lunch to dinner and snacks, seafood is trending all around. Check out the top 8 emerging seafood trends for 2018: ​

  1. Seafood for Breakfast: Smoked salmon is one of our favorite ways to start the day, but in 2018, seafood will be gaining more ground in the breakfast meal occasion. Consumer preferences are starting to shift and more people are hungry to start their morning with seafood. This Alaska Salmon Pesto Frittata is the perfect place to get on trend. ​
  2. Seafood and Brain Health: Nutritious food and brain health are closely connected. Omega-3 DHA, found in seafood, is abundant in your brain and helps neurons trigger and cells regenerate. Omega-3 as an ingredient is expected to proliferate in 2018, and food with brain health claims are expected to be a big trend.
  3. Seafood and Weight Loss: Fish was recently named a zero point food on Weight Watchers, so there’s no better time than the present to stock up on seafood for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. As Oprah says, “Seafood is your friend.”
  4. Snacking on Seafood: Healthier snack food is in, and we know of a few seafood products that fit perfectly in the snack food category. While tuna pouches have been popular in the past, sardines are making a resurgence in the market. New products, such as salmon jerky, will also be popular for a protein-packed snack option.
  5. Poke Bowls: The popular bowls, made with rice and chunks of raw, marinated tuna or other fish along with vegetables are famous in Hawaii and spreading in popularity across the country.
  6. Ethnic Cuisines: From East Africa to Japan, many ethnic cuisines are expected to be big in 2018 and seafood goes well with almost all of them. Morocco is said to be the next culinary hotspot, so get on trend with these Moroccan Sardine Meatballs (see trend #4 for our thoughts on sardines).
  7. Seafood as a Superfood: Superfoods are always on trend, and seafood definitely falls into this category. What makes a food super? It’s packed with nutrients and health benefits, so seafood, like salmon, trout or oysters, is a natural fit with its abundance of omega-3s.
  8. Dining out with Seafood: Seafood is expanding into consumer lifestyles as it’s making more and more appearances on menus – four out of five restaurants, to be exact. People know it’s good for them and it tastes great, so stay hooked on fish and shellfish in 2018.

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