Valerie Agyeman

Communications Manager

Valerie Agyeman is the Communications Manager for the Seafood Nutrition Partnership, where she assists with public outreach and health and nutrition education efforts.

Valerie is a Registered Dietitian, nutrition communications consultant and owner of Flourish Heights LLC, a women’s nutrition and wellness platform helping women understand the powerful relationship between what they eat and how their body looks, feels and functions to help them make more conscious choices. Through her platform, she has organized wellness workshops and events that have brought hundreds of women together locally and internationally to inspire change, educate and to build stronger, healthier communities.

Given her nutrition expertise, Valerie is committed to the public health imperative to get people to eat more seafood as apart of a healthy and balanced diet.

Most recently, Valerie was a clinical dietitian in long-term care, where she helped to improve the health of the elderly population through medical nutrition therapy. She also received the Food Minds “UpwaRD” award for demonstrating innovation, dedication and excellence in communication within the field of nutrition. She is a trusted expert in food and nutrition and has appeared on media outlets including ABC’s Good Morning Washington Show and CBS’s Virginia This Morning Show.

She completed her BS in Nutrition and Dietetics and her dietetic internship at the University of Maryland, College Park focusing on Information Technology and Nutrition Communications.