Gardner Douglas • Seafood Nutrition Partnership

Gardner Douglas

Seafood Ambassador

Gardner Douglas is known as the “The Oyster Ninja” and is a professional and nationally ranked oyster shucker.  He has a traveling raw bar in the D.C. metro area where he serves oysters on the half-shell at weddings, parties, and outdoor events. He also has a podcast “The Oyster Ninja Podcast”.  On his platform, he interviews people and shares stories in the aquaculture and sustainable lane.

Now in its fourth season, the Oyster Ninja podcast provides a space for those not traditionally featured in seafood news. Douglas’ guests range from conservation and stewardship groups like the Anacostia Watershed Society, family-owned oyster farms, and popular chefs, He also speaks with organizations working to increase the diversity and accessibility of oysters in their communities.

Read more about Gardner in this article from NOAA Fisheries.

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