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Chelsea Ellis

Chelsea is the Special Assistant to the President of Seafood Nutrition Partnership, assisting with operations, executive support, and other projects as needed.  


Sarah Crowley

Sarah Crowley is the Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Seafood Nutrition Partnership, where she spearheads the national seafood promotion campaign in collaboration with SNP stakeholders.


Linda Cornish

Linda Cornish is the Founder and President of the Seafood Nutrition Partnership, the leading 501(c)3 non-profit organization in the U.S. building awareness of seafood's health and nutritional benefits.


Corey Bachman

Corey Bachman is the Communications Manager for Seafood Nutrition Partnership, managing the communications outreach and collaborating with SNP stakeholders and partners to amplify messages around the public health benefits of seafood consumption.


Sandy Yi-Davis

Sandy Yi-Davis is the Special Events and Meeting Planner for the Seafood Nutrition Partnership, where she designs and produces experiential events for SNP's special programs.