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Each year, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics emphasizes the importance of making healthy and informed decisions when it comes to food in order to develop sustainable eating habits. National Nutrition Month takes place every March and the theme for this year encourages consumers to fuel their future when planning meals and snacks. Eating with sustainability in mind is a way to nourish ourselves during every phase of life and also protect the environment.

There is no better time to make informed food choices and develop sound eating and physical activity habits. Fueling for the future means eating with the environment in mind. Choose seafood that is in season and select foods with minimal packaging. 70 percent of the Earth’s surface is covered by water yet only 2 percent of the world’s food supply comes from the ocean. Seafood is one of the most sustainable proteins on the planet if sourced responsibly, so we should look to the waters to feed the planet.

In order to have a sustainable supply of seafood for future generations, it needs to be caught or farmed using environmentally and socially responsible methods. Look for sustainable seafood certifications and oversight programs on the packaging. These mechanisms ensure a safe, healthy, and accountable food supply.

Another way to fuel our future is by planning meals. Take stock of what is in your pantry to use what is on hand before making a trip to the store. At the grocery store, bring a list and take advantage of sales. Remember, seafood comes at all price points.

Some quick tips for deals:

Check seasonality – for example, fresh Alaskan salmon is cheaper in early summer when the fish are running. Farmed fish is always in season.

Many sustainable species can be found at great savings – look for frozen cod, flounder, Alaska pollock, salmon, shrimp, mussels, and canned tuna and sardines.

Buy in bulk and freeze.

Skim weekly sales and clip coupons.

At Seafood Nutrition Partnership, we hope you will practice gratitude for your body by giving it the fuel it needs. There is more variety of food options than there has ever been so challenge yourself to explore new recipes or try the latest products.

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