Real Moms Share: Robin Plotkin • Seafood Nutrition Partnership

Dallas mom and Culinary Nutritionist Robin Plotkin, shares a fun story about seafood in her family and gives tips to get the whole family to eat seafood – not just the kids:

Seafood on the menu doesn’t happen overnight- it’s a series of trial and error. Being willing to “try and error” is what landed a variety of seafood on my kids plate today.  As a toddler, my son ate any kind of fish we presented to him. After a few years, what worked one week sometimes doesn’t work the next which meant a change on my end was needed. New recipes, using new varieties of fish and new was in order. I watched videos on how to cook fish properly and crowd-sourced on fish recipes my community fed their families. After presenting a few new ideas to the family, I can say that today, grilled or baked salmon “made the way Grammy makes it” is always a big hit as is sushi, white fish with a breaded or nut crust and tuna in cans and pouches.  Fish sticks and salmon/tuna burgers also make routine appearances. Biggest take away? Don’t expect them to change if you aren’t willing to change, too. It’s good for the whole family!


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