Real Moms Share: Jennifer McDaniel • Seafood Nutrition Partnership

Mama to “3 mini men” and dietitian, Jennifer McDaniel, offers tips on how she gets her boys to eat seafood – plus shares an awesome recipe for Pirate’s Booty Breaded Fish:

Pirate's Booty FishFor starters, not all my boys eat fish. My middle guy used to LOVE it, and now he rejects his brown sugar glazed salmon he used to devour. We call this back & forth acceptance/rejection stuff: NORMAL. But, either way, I keep trying, and here are a few things we try: ⁣

🎣 Add to their Favorite Foods: Do your kids love quesadillas? Try adding some seafood into their quesadilla little by little. You can add it to 🌮 or mac & cheese. No need to hide it – keep them informed. ⁣

🎣 Serve With Dip: What kid doesn’t love to play with their food? Offering dips such as tartar sauce, ranch, yogurt mixed with Old Bay, ketchup or BBQ sauce increases the chances they’ll try it. ⁣

🎣 Bread with A Beloved Food: No one turns down Pirate’s Booty in my house, so why not bread fish with it? You could use goldfish, cereal, crushed pretzels, or chips. Check out her website for the tasty Pirate’s Booty recipe. ⁣


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