Ryan Lopez, Chef Amabassador - Seafood Nutrition Partnership

Ryan Lopez

Chef Ambassador
Chef Ryan Lopez

I am re-inventing the art of cooking. The food is a way to tell my story and it changes with each new chapter of my life. Recently settling down in the San Francisco Bay area this is just another new opportunity for me as a private chef.

When it comes to food it is about taking multiple aspects of different cultures and fusing them to make a beautiful and delicious dish. I love to get people together and have that interaction through food, whether that is collaborating with other chefs or having a group that I teach.

Performance and nutritional have always been a big part of my cooking. Bringing a whole foods/healthy approach to my cooking is something I enjoy and will continue to do for my clients to help fuel them for success.

I was born and raise in Westland, Michigan. This is where the art of cooking set root. I graduated from Schoolcraft College with my A.S. in Culinary Art. I am currently the private chef for NBA superstar Kevin Durant.