Keith Colburn, Celebrity Ambassador - Seafood Nutrition Partnership

Keith Colburn

Celebrity Ambassador
Captain Keith Coburn

Captain Keith Colburn is a commercial crab fisherman, and one of the stars of the hit television show Deadliest Catch. Having fished virtually every fishery in Alaska for 30 years Keith has built a reputation not only as one of the Bering Sea’s most successful crabbers, but also as a tireless advocate for sustainable fisheries. Keith owns and operates the crab fishing vessel The Wizard.

As an advocate for fisheries and fishermen, Captain Keith has spoken around the United States and abroad about the value of our nation’s fisheries and the health benefits of seafood. Prior to committing his life to fishing Keith was a sous chef in a French seafood restaurant, and is currently working as a safety and health advocate. Combining knowledge from these occupations gives him a true appreciation and perspective on the health benefits of seafood.