Jennifer Bushman • Seafood Nutrition Partnership

Jennifer Bushman

Jennifer Bushman is the co-founder of Fed by Blue and believes sustainable aquaculture is the future of fish and seafood and the only way to ensure healthy, ocean-friendly marine proteins in the future. She has experienced the challenges and victories at every level of the supply chain, and knows what it takes to champion the water farmer and make them recognizable by not only industry leaders, but consumers as well. From egg to plate, there’s a unique story to be told and a unique journey to be made.

The mission of Fed by Blue is to provide and inspire visionaries, thought leaders, ocean lovers, activists, early adopters, foodies, and consumers with the knowledge and materials to help protect and participate in a responsible blue food system. Fed by Blue is working to amplify efforts that are bringing new pathways, new dialogue, new perceptions, and new HOPE. Hope that in the face of what can seem like an insurmountable crisis, we continue striving to restore a bountiful resource that can nourish us in unimaginable ways.


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