Jason Driskill, H-E-B • Seafood Nutrition Partnership

Jason Driskill

Vice Chair
Jason Driskill of H-E-B

Jason Driskill is Vice President – Seafood for Texas-based retailer H-E-B with responsibilities over procurement, sales, merchandising, marketing and sustainability for fresh/frozen seafood and sushi across all Texas stores. H-E-B is a regional retailer established in 1905 with a total store count that spans over 400 locations in Texas and Monterrey, Mexico. In 2020, H-E-B ranked 9th nationally in sales for U.S. private companies. In his time at H-E-B, Jason has focused on strengthening the company’s seafood sourcing programs and industry partnerships while collaborating with outside groups like Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA) to ensure that sourcing decisions consider the environmental and social track records of wild and aquaculture fisheries. He has also worked to bring stories of the seafood industry to Texas customers from various parts of the U.S., such as Alaska’s Bering Sea, the Pacific Northwest, and local waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

Jason’s 25 years in the seafood industry includes an extensive background in distribution, processing and retail. Prior to joining H-E-B in 2009, he oversaw the Texas operations for Pacific Seafood, bringing his experience with fresh/frozen seafood production, purchasing, and warehousing to the organization. Jason is passionate about educating people on the ease of cooking seafood and the many benefits that it provides, all with the goal of creating a more informed, confident, and healthy consumer. His travels in the seafood industry have taken him to numerous fisheries and seafood facilities across the United States, as well as Central/South America, China, Japan and Southeast Asia.

Current and past responsibilities in the seafood industry have included: strategic sales and business development, people development, operations management, product innovation, marketing, corporate quality and sustainability policies, private label development, working with NGO’s & fishery scientists, and developing transparent supply chain programs across the globe.

Jason and his wife of 23 years, Tess, live in San Antonio, TX and enjoy travelling, cooking, and spending time with their children.