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#LittleSeafoodies – Help Share the Campaign

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Thank you for helping to support Seafood Nutrition Partnership as we bring the Little Seafoodies campaign to cities across the country, highlighting the health benefits of seafood for young children. Please feel free to download and utilize any of these resources for your channels and link to littleseafoodies.comThe Kansas City and Las Vegas campaigns will run February 24 to April 19, 2020, coinciding with the Lent season.

Square Social Shares


Moms, we understand picky eaters. Fish Stick to It! It can take a few tries before kids like a new food. Keep at it and soon you’ll have #LittleSeafoodies! Learn more tips at littleseafoodies.com.


Make the Seafood Swap: Family favorites are great places to introduce fish to #LittleSeafoodies – think fish tacos or burgers, or top pizza with shrimp. Learn more tips at littleseafoodies.com.


#LittleSeafoodies tip: Dipping Means Yumming! Whether it’s traditional tartar sauce or ketchup – or you make your own Greek yogurt dip – simple sauces are great to get kids trying seafood. Learn more tips at littleseafoodies.com.


Here’s a tip: Add it to a fave, watch them rave! Crab in mac and cheese, please! #LittleSeafoodies Learn more tips at littleseafoodies.com.

Health Benefits of Seafood for Kids


Fish makes your brain bigger, literally! Your brain is nearly 60% fat, and #omega3s found in seafood are among the most crucial molecules that determine your brain’s ability to perform. #LittleSeafoodies #BrainFood


Kids who eat fish at least once per week may do better in school. Seafood’s omega-3s help your kids’ brains develop, leading to higher IQs and improved reading and spelling skills. #LittleSeafoodies #BrainFood


Along with supporting healthy eye development, seafood’s #omega3s support our ability to detect light. Nearly half of our eye’s light-detecting cell structure are made up of omega-3s. #LittleSeafoodies #BrainFood

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