Detlef Schrempf


Detlef Schrempf is President of The Detlef Schrempf Foundation. As an active philanthropist in Seattle WA, Detlef was inspired by the Seafood Nutrition Partnership mission to help promote health and wellness on a national level.

Detlef played in the NBA for 16 years combined with the Dallas Mavericks, Indiana Pacers, Seattle Sonics, and Portland Trailblazers. In his phenomenal career in the NBA Detlef was named three-time All-Star and awarded the NBA 6th Man of the Year award for the 1991/1992 season. Detlef is a Partner and Director of Business Development at Coldstream Capital, a wealth management firm in Bellevue, Washington.

In 1996, Detlef and his wife formed The Detlef Schrempf Foundation as a result of their belief in the value of a solid family life, and the desire to give back to a community that has given them so much.  The Detlef Schrempf Foundation supports children’s charities in the Pacific Northwest and assists these organizations in their quest to provide children a better chance at succeeding in life. In addition to his work with the Detlef Schrempf Foundation, Detlef serves on the advisory boards of several Pacific Northwest children’s charities.