Eat Seafood, America Campaign Downloads & Social Shares

Here’s How You Can Help:

  1. Eat seafood and buy seafood. It’s as simple as that! Buy it online or order pick-up from purveyors, restaurants, mail-order, grocery stores.
  2. Post a photo of your meal, tag it with #EatSeafoodAmerica.
  3. Repeat. Keep supporting our nation’s seafood community by eating seafood and buying seafood as often as you can.

And, remember, we’re here to support our communities and fellow Americans – be nice and stay positive. Thank you!

Suggested Social Media Posts

  • America’s fishing community needs our help! #EatSeafoodAmerica and buy seafood to help save our nation’s struggling fishermen and seafood farmers.
  • The coronavirus poses a significant threat to the future of an industry that employs approximately 2 million Americans. That’s why a coalition of seafood organizations is asking for help.
  • I’m committing to buying & eating seafood to help save our nation’s struggling seafood businesses. RT if you’re in! (if on IG, “Share this to your story”) #EatSeafoodAmerica
  • Get healthy for a great cause. Join me in buying & eating seafood to help save our seafood economy! #EatSeafoodAmerica.
  • We’re asking everyone in America to show their support for the seafood industry by joining the #EatSeafoodAmerica campaign and buy seafood.
  • Please join me in buying & eating seafood and sharing to your social channels, tagged with #EatSeafoodAmerica! Can I count you in?