State of the Science 2017 • Seafood Nutrition Partnership

State of the Science 2017

2017 Presentations

Welcome to the State of the Science

Linda Cornish, President, Seafood Nutrition Partnership [click here for presentation]

State of Public Health

Tom Brenna, PhD, ​Professor of Pediatrics & of Chemistry, Dell Medical School and College of Natural Science at the University of Texas at Austin; Board Member, Seafood Nutrition Partnership; Chair, SNP Scientific Nutrition Advisory Council [click here for presentation]

Seafood and Omega-3 Research Implications

Captain Joseph R. Hibbeln, MD, Acting Chief, National Institutes on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, National Institutes of Health [click here for presentation]

William Harris, PhD, ​Professor of Medicine, Sanford School of Medicine, University of South Dakota; President and CEO, OmegaQuant [click here for presentation]

Susan Carlson, PhD, ​AJ Rice Professor of Nutrition at University of Kansas Medical Center [click here for presentation]

Sustainability & Safety of Seafood Americans Are Consuming 

Laurel Bryant, Chief, External Affairs, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Admin/National Marine Fisheries Service [click here for presentation]

Robert Jones, Global Aquaculture Lead, The Nature Conservancy [click here for presentation]

Michael Tlusty, PhD, ​Assoc. Professors of Sustainability and Food Solutions, University of Massachusetts Boston [click here for presentation]

Tim Fitzgerald, Director of Impact, Fishery Solutions Center, Environmental Defense Fund [click here for presentation]

Opportunities for Building Awareness and Urgency

Linda Cornish, ​President, Seafood Nutrition Partnership [click here for presentation]

Adam Ismail, Executive Director, Global Organization for EPA DHA Omega-3s [click here for presentation]

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