Indianapolis mom of four and the woman behind Indy with Kids, Katy Mann, shares a fun story about seafood in her family:

“I had my kids help peel shrimp for a shrimp cocktail once. When I came back, the shrimp had all been eaten by the kids as soon as it was peeled. No shrimp cocktail for anyone else!”

Wish your kids were #LittleSeafoodies? We’ve found that kids are more likely to eat seafood if they help make it. Let ’em help prep and watch them try it. 👨‍🍳


Katy also found having fun with fish – like calling salmon “pink fish” – letting her top it with her favorite topping (lime juice) was a great way to get her to love it!

Read more of her tips on her blog, Making Little Seafoodies.

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