While 2020 has been so hard in so many ways, for a lot of people, it has meant exploring new flavors, ingredients, recipes and gadgets in the kitchen – and for that we are grateful. So, while we’re home for the holidays this year, there are great opportunities to celebrate the blessings of the season — and find the perfect gift for your friends and family.

In addition to the many gift ideas we’re sharing below, don’t forget a great option is to support the restaurant industry and purchase gift cards or order a delicious meal to be delivered to a loved one you can’t be with in person. Many seafood distributors have also begun or expanded their online offerings, a great opportunity to get the freshest fish available. 

For the Foodie

Amazon is having some really good sales now through the end of the year, including 30% off and more on some of our favorite Le Creuset cast iron and stoneware items, such as this Cast Iron Signature Deep Round Grill in the best color, Marseille blue.

Fresh herbs are the perfect pairing for seafood. Keep yours fresh longer with an Herb keeper.
custom recipe cutting board handmade from Amazon
Personalized, hand-crafted items show you’re thoughtful, and we are LOVING this custom recipe cutting board right now.
Wilton Navy and Gold Measure and Whisk Set from Amazon
Have you seen this amazing new Navy and Gold Kitchen Collection from Wilton?! So beautiful (and functional) for a seafood-lover’s kitchen. This measuring and whisk set would be great for making marinades and sauces for your favorite fish dish.

some of our favorite cookbooks of 2020

Several seafood-centric cookbooks have been published in the past year or so, and 2020 has given us ample time at home to try out new recipes.
Joy of Seafood by Barton Seaver
One of our favorite has been Joy of Seafood by Barton Seaver, and while we haven’t tried all 900 of the recipes, the ones we have tried have been delicious!
Foolproof Fish: Modern Recipes for Everyone, Everywhere
America’s Test Kitchen always breaks down recipes into simple instructions and that remains true in this new release, Foolproof Fish: Modern Recipes for Everyone, Everywhere.
The Big 10 Fish & Seafood Cookbook
Deep diving into just a few species, The Big 10 Fish & Seafood Cookbook: 10 Seafood, 80 Recipes, 240 Variations, offers tips to empower your seafood cooking skills.
Eventide: Recipes for Clambakes, Oysters, Lobster Rolls, and More from a Modern Maine Seafood Shack
To start our culinary journey across the coasts, we love this new cookbook from Eventide: Recipes for Clambakes, Oysters, Lobster Rolls, and More from a Modern Maine Seafood Shack.
The Pacific Northwest Seafood Cookbook
From Coho and sockeye to Dungeness and Kumamoto, The Pacific Northwest Seafood Cookbook: Salmon, Crab, Oysters, and More offers tasty ways to enjoy these cold-water favorites.
Saltwater Table: Recipes from the Coastal South
Saltwater Table: Recipes from the Coastal South from award-winning chef Whitney Otawka celebrates the fresh, regional tastes of the South.

For the Ocean Lover

4oceans beaded bracelet
4oceans is a nonprofit working to clean up the coastlines, and they are funding their work through the sale of goods made from the waste they collect, such as their iconic bracelets.

Sock it to me! Everybody loves a good pair of socks, especially with their favorite ocean dwelling animal on them.
ocean cutting board from amazon
For your favorite ocean-lover, check out this vivid Ocean Cutting Board.
The Printed Utensil Kit
United by Blue commits to removing 1 pound of waste from the oceans for every product purchased. We love their Everyday reusables line, including this Utensil Kit.

With 20 micro experiments, the Club SciKidz STEM Box Save Our Oceans- Science Kit for Kids is a great way to introduce the importance of the ocean to the next generation of explorers.

For the Bivalve Lover

Hiware 19-piece Seafood Tools Set
Grab the newspaper and line the table, a seafood feast for 6 is made easy with this 19-piece seafood tools set.

Up your shellfish game with a Stainless Steel Multicooker with Perforated Steel Insert and Steamer Basket, perfect for mussels, clams, crabs and more.

Oysters have been the kitchen experiment of 2020 as bivalve lovers have attempted shucking at home for the first time. The Oyster Bed brings the experience home.
octopus tentacle pint glasses
OK, we know these are not bivalves, but we <3 these handmade graphic octopus tentacle pint glasses, which are a fun way to celebrate with seafood!

For the Outdoor Cook

From the campfire to the grill to the indoor oven, this Fish Cast Iron Grill will ensure a crispy skin with its high heat.

No more fish or shrimp falling through the grates with this Portable Grilling Basket.

For the Little Seafoodie

Is your kid begging for a pet? This Back to the Roots Self-Cleaning Fish Tank That Grows Food is a Mini Aquaponic Ecosystem and science lesson in one.

For your little budding fishermen, check out this adorable Here Fishy Fishy! Magnetic Fishing Game by HABA.
Kids Onigiri and Sushi Bento Box Set
For kids that love to play with their food, this Beginner’s Bento Making Set for Children will make them Sushi & Onigiri masters in no time! (I mean, look at those adorable dog molds!) Plus, we have a great onigiri recipe for you!

Is your preschooler asking to help more in the kitchen? This Cute Fish-Shape Wooden Kids Knife is perfect for a 2-5 year old.

Please note there are affiliate links on this page and Seafood Nutrition Partnership, a 501c3 nonprofit, will receive a small percentage as a referral if you purchase any item.

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