State of the Science 2018

2018 Meeting Information

2018 Presentations


Welcome to the State of the Science Symposium

Ms. Linda Cornish, President, Seafood Nutrition Partnership [Presentation]

New Health Study Findings on Eating Seafood & Omega-3s



Dr. Tom Brenna, Chair, SNP Scientific & Nutrition Advisory Council

Seafood, Omega-3s & Brain Health Implications





Captain Joseph R. Hibbeln, MD, Acting Chief, NIH NIAAA: Brain Health & Seafood Omega-3s [Presentation]






Dr. Robert McNamara, Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, & Director of the Lipidomics Research Program: Omega-3, Mood, Seafood Consumption & Neuroimaging in Kids [Presentation]





Dr. Adina Michael-Titus, Professor of Neuroscience, Centre for Trauma Sciences: Omega-3 for Neurotrauma [Presentation]





Dr. Bill Harris, President, OmegaQuant: Getting Enough Omega-3s? The New AHA Fish Guidelines Won’t Get You There


Seafood’s Potential to Ensure our Future Food Security 




Dr. Scott Nichols, Founder & Principal, Food’s Future, LLC: Why Aquaculture is Important [Presentation]





Dr. Karim Kurmaly, CEO, Veramaris: Innovations in Sustainable Aquaculture [Presentation]





Ms. Devan Meserve, Marketing Manager, Global Aquaculture Alliance: Ensuring Sustainable & Responsible Aquaculture [Presentation]





Dr. Jessica Gephart, Fellow, National Social Environmental Synthesis Center (SEYSNC): Sustainability of Seafood Aquaculture [Presentation]


What We Eat Matters: Sustainable Seafood

For Our Health, Our Planet’s Health, Our Economic Health




US Senator Lisa Murkowski, State of Alaska [Recorded Message]





Mr. Paul Doremus, Deputy Assistant Administrator for Operations at NOAA Fisheries, and the NOAA lead for Seafood Production and Aquaculture [Presentation]





US Senator Roger Wicker, State of Mississipi [Recorded Message]


The Last Mile of the Sustainable Seafood Movement – Consumer Education & Outreach




Ms. Andrea Albersheim, Director of Communications, Seafood Nutrition Partnership: Equipping Health & Nutrition Influencers on Seafood Nutrition [Presentation]





Ms. Jacqueline Claudia, CEO, LoveTheWild: Bringing Sustainable Aquaculture to the Consumer [Presentation]





Ms. Kim Thompson, Program Manager, Seafood for the Future at the Aquarium of the Pacific: Educating Consumers on Seafood for Human Health from the Conservation Lens [Presentation]





Mr. Barton Seaver, Founder & Chief Education Officer, Coastal Culinary Academy: A Place-Based Learning Experience for Seafood Nutrition [Presentation]